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  • ​​Do you want PROFESSIONAL, QUALIFIED trainers to help you achieve the BEST out of your puppy/dog?
  • Have you just adopted your puppy or dog?

  • Do you want to have fun with your puppy/dog?

  • Do you need help with dog obedience?

  • Are you after lifestyle pet obedience?

  • Do you need help with canine behavioural issues?

  • Do you want a one on one session for rapid results?

  • Do you want a holistic approach to dog training?

  • Do you want canine solutions?

  • Are you after a confident puppy or dog?

  • Do you want a pay as you go training centre

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Dog Obedience makes for well mannered dogs

If you would like to become a K9 Resolutions member please contact us.

Group Classes are held on a Saturday between 9am and 12:30pm.

Pay as you attend classes for flexibility

Packages available for discounted rates



  1. Casey Boekel
    Understanding, professional and helpful! Thanks to all the team at K9 Resolutions.
  2. Kerry Dyason
    Hi Kaye, just wanted to say thanks for the class on Saturday. Your classes are really enjoyable and I love that you and your team come around and really interact with the dogs, it is obvious that you genuinely enjoy your jobs! It is exactly the type of learning/environment that Tetra needs!
  3. Dehlia Tyson
    Thank you so much for your support tonight, I cannot thank you & Bec enough! By the end of the lesson I had some hope that I have a way to help Kaiser become a well behaved dog, as I do not want to be one of those owners that don't go anywhere with there dog because of bad behaviour. I am enjoying the classes & want Kaiser to enjoy them to. Your support & guidance means a lot to me & I am not giving up there is so much to learn & remember but I know that you will always be there to help, you are an amazing caring person.
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